Quake 3 rendering example

Hi, I’m working in a 3D engine (Like the 99% of the people XD )
The other day I think that there are good to load a bsp level from quake3 so I go to make a Q3Bsp Class explicit to load this one. But then I think that there better to make an converter from BSP to my own scene format (.KS) and I make this one
The good news is that I’m making a 3D Studio max plugin for import/export from my format (http://usuarios.tripod.es/andromeda_studios/descarga/plugin.jpg). So if you can use the BSP files in max, you don’t have to use my engine ( :__( ) you take “2BSP2KS.exe LEVEL.BSP scene.ks” and then in max import this file

At first I must say that the level is trate as another scene in my engine, so this doesnt have special features, I love standars class
Another note, I load the curves and then I translate to triangles because I dont have a lot of experience with rendering curves surfaces (Any help?) but its look good (I thinks

Some captures about the quake 3 levels rendering here: http://usuarios.tripod.es/andromeda_studios/proyectos/K3D.HTM

My web page (Sorry the english links 404 :_( ) http://usuarios.tripod.es/andromeda_studios