Quake 3, OpenGL, same old sh!t...

I can’t get Q3 to run on a number of PCs.
One has a Matrox G200 + Voodoo2.
The other has a S3 Savage4.
All documentation/FAQs I’ve read say that all of these cards are OpenGL compliant.
I’ve installed the latest drivers for all (manually and using GLsetup)
I’ve installed DirectX 8.

The game tries to start up but then bombs out with the same old message:
“could not initialize OpenGl subsystem”

Can anyone point me in the direction of some info on debugging these OpenGL errors. I’ve struggled to find anything so far.

Is there anything I can do to configure Q3s video settings if it won’t run.

Q3 runs perfectly on my ThinkPad with a Savage/IX in it. I employed the same installation method for both other PCs but no luck.

This problem is driving me insane…

…Oh yeah, both running 98SE.

Class? Anyone?

Have you checked the dva line in win.ini

No, I can’t find any reference to dva in win.ini, what is it supposed to do?

However I now have both my machines running.

The PC with the Savage 4 was not running because of a conflict with Netmeeting as best as I can figure. Once I took the Netmeeting program out of the registry, Q3A started running ok. My mate discovered it quite by accident when he double clicked the Q3A icon as soon as the windows desktop appeared, before windows had initialized fully.
On the PC with the Matrox+Voodoo2, I simply installed WickedGL (from www.wicked3d.com)..)
I had to use the ‘high resoultion acceleration’ option as with the ‘normal’ option my PC would lock up.

So hurray for me!
I hope some of the above might help the myriad of people asking similar questions, but getting little response.