Quake 3 and OpenGL

Without GL-extentions on Quake 3 runs well. I have an ASUS V7100 Geforce 2 MX. When GL-extentions are on, I see a lot of stripes on the screen when moving around quickly, the same goes for ‘Alice’ (which uses the Quake III engine). Is there something I do wrong? I have installed the latest Detenator drivers, installed the latest GL on my system via Quake 3 Team Arena, I have tried all settings so far (in my 'Display settings via Configuration), but I see no difference.

For Example, in level 1 of Tier 1, Quake 3, when you run from outside to the inside, in the T-split the is a lot of light, when you move the mouse left/right very fast, there isn’t a smooth image on the screen, but you get to get stripes. Is this a known issue, with a known solution?

My parents have a Viper 770, same problem, so you can imagine I have some big doubts on this opengl-system. In the old days, when I had my Voodoo 1 card, there seemed to be no problems. The only positive thing is that in Quake 3 you can put off GL-extenstions, but I think only due to the strength of my card the game runs well.

I sincerely hope this problem is known, since installing the newest drivers etc. is something I have already done.

With kind regards,

Marco Adriaans


I think u must ask this question on “User Hardware, Software, & Gaming Help” forum coz it’s a developer forum here, we code, love vertices and other thing like that …