Quake 2 is faster than any simple demo


I’m trying out various demos these days, mostly from NeHe’s, and almost all of them are unplayable (too slow) on my old system (Celeron 433, 3dfx Voodoo Banshee). On that same system, Quake 2 runs full speed @ 800x600.

What is going on? Is it lack of optimization techniques or modeling economy? (it’s not drivers- Quake 2, Colin McRae and others run flawlessly).

Any opinions?

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3dfx have some kind of custom opengl.dll 3dfxgl.dll or smthn, so i guess that’s the problem. Games usually check which dll they use and how, demos are less cross-platformed (usually).

Thank you

You were absolutely right. I needed 3dfx specific drivers. (And oh! what a difference )