Quake 2 GPL

Hi !

  1. Does anyone recompiled quake2 gpl under linux/glx ??? Does anyone enncounter the same problem ?? with audio, you need to remove some memset commands…

  2. Does anyone tried to render with VAR ? i planed to do this, but i’venot got enough time now.

I have Mandrake Linux 8.1 and I’ve compiled Quake2 successfuly.One mistake was
at Makefile.

It compiled with no problem (just modify some lines under the Makefile), but it crashed when loading due to the sound…

I had to remove 2 memset lines in order it to work (now, when changing levels, the sounds hangs a while). So, for you, you didn’t have to change this ?

Do you use some specific options for the sound when running ???

For my part, i only link with glx & my GL libraries.

ps: I have a “Mandrake 8.2” but it still more like a LFS as a pure Mdk…

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