Quadtree or Display List for 500+ million vertices

This is for a 2-D application. Are the OpenGL hardware accelerated implementations usable with 500+ million vertices, comprised of 20+ million instances?

What OpenGL implementations support 64-bit platforms? Can the ATI/NVidia drivers handle this? Do they have built-in quadtrees in their display list for viewport clipping?

ohh. got the question. i think if you implement a quadtree, you can display such a huge number os verts. you should look for 64bit implementations on 64bit platforms… hmm. i cant telll it in english correctly…

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Nope, the display list is just a way to store OpenGL commands in a way that can be rendered fast, nothing else is done with it, but this would be useless with too many vertices any way because you would not be able to store it in video memory, and that is the idea with display lists.

Trying to get OpenGL to do the culling would not be a good idea anyway, you probably need a software solution to do the culling for you and load geometry as it is needed in some way.

With that amount of vertices it can’t be much that is visible at any one time.

I have no clue if any manufacturer support 64 bit platforms, guess you have to check their websites for that.


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