[Quadro 600] Stuttering

Hi, folks.

Well, I am developing an OpenGL application in Visual Basic .NET (4.0) and I got a strange problem: whenever I am using an Nvidia board, stuttering occurs when the program is running. I mean, when I am running the executable, the object I am rendering is moving through the screen without problems, but ocasionally it kinda lags and leaps forward a couple pixels, but it is really noticeable.

My desktop is a double monitor, Dell Precision T3600, with a Xeon CPU and an nVidia Quadro 600 as the GPU. It also has 8GB of RAM and I am running Windows 7 in it; long story short: it’s a capable computer to what I am trying to run. I tried to run it on a series of other computers, some with AMD graphic cards and some with nVidia. All of the computers that I tested with AMD ran smoothly, without a single problem, but the ones with nVidia cards didn’t.

I’ve already tried to disable DWM, which isn’t acceptable, since I can actually kinda solve stuttering disabling it, but I end up creating another problem without VSync: tearing. I tried to run it on two identical monitors, two different monitors, and it’s all the same. I thought that it could be the refresh rate on the monitors, but again, it ran smoothly with an AMD card on the same monitors; I think that a coding error is nearly excluded, for the same reason. I tried to mess with the nVidia driver configurations too, but haven’t got a single success. Threaded optimization on or off doesn’t make a single difference. I am using double buffering too, and the swap interval is set to 1. For those who don’t know: swap interval assures to just let a configurable number of buffer swaps occur within a single monitor refresh cycle.

Well, I am really out of options here. I really searched a lot about it and couldn’t find a solution. What I found, though, is a 6 years old thread on TechNet’s Microsoft section: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/d4f155d8-6ff6-4741-bb2d-8ed184b7a45c/dual-monitors-windows-7-problems. If someone has a clue, I am really open to discuss and solve it.

PS: the distribution I am using is OpenTK, which is an OpenGL wrapper to Visual Basic.

I have the same problem. I’m working with an NVidia K2000 on an HP Z440 workstation running Windows 7 Professional. I have a small app that displays a model with just over 2000 polygons in it. There’s an option to auto-rotate the model around the vertical axis for viewing. The rotation of the model is not smooth. I see hesitations, jerks, tearing, etc., depending on what display options are activated. I would expect a model this small to rotate very smoothly.

That’s funny. I’m actually just rendering a circle with a few pixels, similar to the size of a penny, that moves across the screen with a sinusoidal movement and it stutters. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I just simply took an AMD card from another computer and I’m using it, because I lost nearly 2 months trying to figure this out and I couldn’t find any explanation to this.

By the way, thanks for the reply (: