Quadrics in Display Lists

Hello all!

I refer to nehe tutorials to learn quadrics and display lists.

However, when i tried to combine the two, i get an exception error running the program.

Is it such that it is not possible to combine the two at all? or am I missing something?

below is an extract of my code, hope someone can tell me what’s wrong with it… thanks alot!!

glvoid BuildLists()
ball = glGenLists(1);
glNewList(ball, GL_COMPILE);
gluSphere(quadratics, 1.0f,32,32);


They should work just fine when combined.
Check out http://www.ime.usp.br/~massaro/opengl/redbook/redbook-11.pdf for some example code.


this may be silly, but have you made sure that your quadrics object is initialised?

Hi, thanks for replying guys!

-NiCo- : I tried the link but somehow could not access the page. But is it from the red book? I’ll go and have a look then.

seed : I did initialise them and I could use the quadratics in other functions. Just can’t build them in display lists.

Thanks for entertaining my questions!!

Indeed. The link does not seem to be valid anymore.
Try http://www.cs.lakeheadu.ca/courses/cs4471/redbook/redbook-11.pdf before this one disapperas :slight_smile:


Thanks!! will check dat out!! :smiley: