Quad Strips Question

I am trying to use a quad strip and having some difficulty. What happens is instead of a strip of quads - I end up with one long rectangle. If anyone out there has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

It may surprise you to know that a strip of coplanar quads can resemble a rectangle.


Ha Ha - i guess i worded the question funny - I do understand that a quad strip resembles a rectangle - but it shouldnt be one long rectanle with only vertices at each end - it should be a “strip of quads” right? - side by side with vertices at each step that 2 more vertices are passed. I may be understanding this wrong. Bu thanks for the replay any ways. I got through that part but now my texture is stretched across the entire strip instead of 1 texture tile in each quad??? Any Ideas???

This all depends on your texture coordinate generation. This chapter gives a great overview of texture mapping:

To get your texture to repeat or “tile” across your quads, scale your texture coordinates to increase in the direction of tiling such that they’re greater than 1.0 in the s and/or t. You can also use OpenGL’s automatic texture coordinate generation to do this as well. That’s covered in the RedBook too.