Quad strip issue


I put 4 verteces only in a QUAD_STRIP so I got a shape that I couldn’t understand

would u tell me plz what opengl would draw if i do this

thanks in advance

An elephant?
A dragon?

No, now I know. It draws the Opengl 2.1 specs in random order, beginning with page 17 and 18.

if done right it should draw a single quad, you probably drew them in the wrong order which means you get a non planar shape

thanks zeoverlord
i rechecked it many times for the order and every thing is ok but if u r sure abt that i’ll check it again
thank u :slight_smile:

sometimes you have to go away to come back…

Stepping away from a problem can sometimes help you spot the solution, especially if you’re trying to find an elephant with a microscope.