Quad Buffer Stereo on Vista


I am running Vista Ultimate with a mobile Quadro FX2500M card. An application requiring OpenGL quad buffer stereo support fails, although I enabled stereo in the driver settings (for vertical interlace).

I read in the Siggraph 2006 OpenGL BOF presentations [1] that Vista does not support stereo, at least in the first version.

Errr, OK. Is Vista Ultimate still this first version? But then the stereo option should not be shown in the driver settings. Can somebody report of a working quad buffer stereo application with Vista?



[1] http://www.khronos.org/developers/library/siggraph2006/OpenGL_BOF/NVIDIA_OpenGL-on-Vista.ppt

Yes, Vista Ultimate is this ‘first’ version. Maybe Microsoft fixes this with service pack 1, but I have no information about that.

If you disable the desktop window manager (respnsible for the slick, new Aero user interface), quad buffer stereo should work.

Still, be advised that I have no way of proving this myself, since we do not have a stereo-capable Vista machine in our company.

If you have any success, please let me know!

Tilmann Krueger

Now I disabled Vista’s Aero and desktop window manager service. But still the application does not go into stereo mode. The same executable works with Windows XP.

So unfortunetly, no success. The Quadro driver is from January. Newer ones did not recognize the graphics board, because it is a mobile chip. Also no success with modded drivers, OpenGL did not work at all then.

Well OK. If there are any news on this, I will report back. Maybe it does not work because the application uses a window always. Possibly Vista cannot handle that properly.

I still need to test a true full-screen quad buffer stereo application.

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Short resume after more tests:

After installing a new Quadro driver (Vista 32 bit, 162.50, modded .inf), RealtechVR GLview now also enumerates visuals with stereo support.

However, quad buffered stereo is not supported in a window, but only in true full-screen mode. Once a tiny part of another window overlaps, stereo gets lost. :rolleyes:

Hopefully Vista SP1 fixes this.

i have a quadro 4500 or something.
My programs will set a quad buffered pixel format in Vista, however it doesn’t work.

I can get shutter mode to work in fullscreen only, but passive doesn’t seem to work. I get the left buffer on both screens. I really hope either MS or Nvidia (or both) can fix this.

On my installation of vista, I have been able to achieve quad buffered stereo in a window with a 6800 ultra and even an fx5200. By installing XP drivers in compatibility mode for XP, then using riva tuner to turn the card into a quadro, I have stereo in a window. If you run vista x64 you have to install the driver in server 2003 compatibility mode and the driver must be digitally signed. Mind you I had to pick proper drivers to mod the card into a quadro, but having a real quadro should enable any driver to work.

I have an NVidia FX3500 on a Vista64 box with the latest drivers, I tried your suggestions, but nothing seemed to get quad buffered stereo to work. Any other ideas?

When you said the latest drivers, are the NVIDIA drivers Xp drivers?

The machine has Vista x64, following the instructions above, I tried installing the Quadro FX driver for the x64 version of Windows Server 2003 in Windows Server 2003 compatibility mode. Or was that the incorrect thing to do, should I have attempted to install the XP x64 driver in Windows Server 2003 compatibility mode?



Install the XP x64 driver in Server 2003 compatibility mode.

If that hasn’t worked for you, try using version 77.77 XP 64 driver.

hi, i’ve a small problem. I’m doing a project for university. the university has a virtual theater. I maked a real-time application and I used Irrlicht as graphic engine. Now my teacher asked me to show this application 3d real-time in stereoscopy. I should write in c++ a code to implement the graphic engine with video card “Invidia Quadro” or “Invidia GeForce9500” to show the application in stereoscopy. Can somebody help me?

thank you!

Has anyone else had success with getting quad buffered stereo working in windowed mode under Vista. If so, please share your story.

I’ve got a couple of programs that use OpenGL stereo. Both work with a Quadro under XP. Under Vista the one that directly interfaces to OpenGL works fine, but the one that uses GLUT doesn’t (it crashes).