Qtopia Core & OpenGL ES - Linux


does anyone have any experience in using/compiling Qtopia Core with OpenGL ES support?

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Qtopia Core Improvements
A range of enhancements to Qtopia Core are previewed in the beta, including speed optimizations and accelerated graphics API improvements, increased memory efficiency through font sharing between applications, and support for OpenGL ES.

http://trolltech.com/company/newsroom/a … =opengl+es


is there any way OpenGL ES can “work” with “native” X11/windows drivers, or is ES always emulated on desktop systems and is ONLY accelerated on specific embedded hardware such as Intel 2700G GPU?

in other words, will we ever have accelerated OpenGL ES drivers for Desktop Linux? whose is this decision to make - ATI & nVidia?

since embedded hardware come with some sort of framebuffer, would it be too much to expect that we can have some kind of GENERIC framebuffer driver that would work equally on desktop and embedded hardware via fbdev or vesa or something… like DirectFB or fbdev/DRI… ?


Miniature, Linux based OpenGL development system

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