Qt vs Mfc? What should I pick. Please help soon


I really hate MFC and would like to throw it in the trash. I recently found out about QT
programming at Trolltech.com and from what i saw I really liked it and it support opengl!
So what I`m wanting to know is would it be better to stick with MFC or try QT . My position is this , I am new to gamming and
I want some thing that I can stick with and some day be good , but right know Iam jumping around lost on what to do .Basicly
I need to start doing things instead of guessing.

Please help so I can star to make some games and have fun Thanks

I do work with a lot of professional companies and I have very good experiences from using QT. QT is not only for linux hackers but also for advanced WIN32 development.

Also look at wxWindows http://www.wxwindows.org.
I’ve used MFC and Qt a lot. But now I use wxWindows all the time and am a big fan of it.
It’s very similar to Qt (except for not having MOC, that I don’t really like anyway) and, unlike Qt, is completely free, open source and can be used in commercial applications too.

I always found that wxWindows was more like MFC than Qt. Even the class layout and naming conventions are very similar.

With that in mind, I’d have to ask what you don’t like about MFC. You should probably look at both wxWindows and Qt to see which one fixes the problems you have with MFC, and then use that one.