QIII - image quality problems?

I have recently re-installed QIII, and am VERY surprised to find, that the image quality has considerably degraded. For example, the rust on the end of the machine-gun used to look “bumpy” and now just looks flat and blurred, also, models lokk less detailed, the metallic effects are “dull” and the textures look CONSIDERABLY lower-res that what im used to!

This comes a a surprise, as i now have a GeForce!

Will installing GLSetup actually improve this? at the moment im using Detonator 3 drivers alongside my Asus V6800 DDR.

Any help would be GRATLEY appreciated ;o)


plz help me!! this is driving me insane!

Did you try the setup panel in Q3?

Erm, i hope that wasnt sarcasm!!

but yes, al the settings are up full, and i have tried “high detail” config files, which have had no effect. Basically, the textures look low detailed and bland.

Have there been any “patches” got QIII which support GeForce features, such as Hardware T&L (or does QuakeIII support this by default!?)

Try installing the latest nVidia Detonators… don’t go with ASUS drivers. Then, get something like nVmax and try tweaking the card a little bit. More than likely it seems like there’s bad driver being used or something.

It sounds as though your textures have becomed scrambled or perhaps your filtering/mipmapping is screwed up. This used to happen to me occasionally with Unreal and EQ running on a geforce 2. Try reinstalling the game.