QGLWidget performance

I just ported a project of mine from pure xlib to QT. It works fine, but somewhat slower.

I am blaming the performance hit to latency issues (the program does no more uses 100% CPU) and to the somewhat expensive slot/signal mechanism.

My question is, what is the best way to get the best performance from the QGLWidget?

Using Linux 2.4.20, Nvidia drivers.

I have a bunch of OpenGL experience, and a bunch of Qt experience, but I’ve never used the two together…

What I can tell you about qt is that the signal/slot mechinism should be very fast. Not too much different than a function call.

I imagine that your opengl call routine is connected to a qt timer? Maybe you could reduce the time on that timer. If you bring it down to zero, you may even go back to using 100% of your CPU!


Reducing too much the timer value actually slowed performance. QT starts throwing signals, and that slows things, I keep assuming.

And sorry if I was not clear. Not using 100% CPU is a good thing. I’m using Nvidia drivers that have a kernel issue previously discussed on this same forum that makes them to spend near 100% CPU; adding a slight latency before the drawing fixed that, and slightly slowed performance too.

Thanks for your answer anyway.

I don’t know if this is fixed in recent versions of Qt, but we experienced a performance problem due to QGLWidget updating* the OpenGL context every frame. This was slowing performance on the Mac by about half, and Linux noticeably.

The fix was only a couple of lines of code, basically not updating the context if the one you’re about to render to is already the current context.

  • Updating in the sense of resizing the surface (usually to its existing size), changing swap regions, &c.

GLWidget updating* the OpenGL context every frame

That actually makes sense.I put garbage as the first parameter of QGLWidget’s constructor:

KMyGLWidget::KMyGLWidget( QWidget *parent, const char *name )
: QGLWidget(~DepthBuffer, parent, name )

and got literally thousands of

QGLContext::makeCurrent(): Cannot make invalid context current.

errors; it’s possibly making a current context every frame.

How did you turned off that? Overriding a function? I can’t quite figure that.

<added> All right, I confirmed it. Overriden and augmented QGLWidget::makeCurrent() to make it print a message, it is being called every frame. Getting near…</added>

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void KMyQTWidget::makeCurrent(void){
  if(context() != context()->currentContext()){

A good noticeable speed boost. I think it’s right… I hope it’s right, I’m not really that good on C++. Thank you!

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