q3a crashes on winXP with gf2mx

system specs:
TBird 900 on
Asus A7V
128MB PC133
Asus V7100 GF2MX
OS: WinXP 2600

whenever trying to play q3a (pointrelease 1.30), my system gets locked up in an endless loop after 1-5 minutes of gameplay. the *.wdl says that nv4.dll might be causing the problem. I tried a whole bunch of different drivers from 12.40 (windows´own) over asus 12.90, 14.61, the new deto 21.81,83,85,88, but always the same effect after various periods of gaming. since delta force la wa runs flawlessly, i might consider it an gl-related problem…??? heard quite something about gf2-XP-GL-issues all over the net, any hints??? don´t really want to go back to ME, xp´s really neat besides that unquakeability!