Q3 and TNT2 problemGGGRRRRRR

i just installed tnt2 onto my cpu and everytime i go to play q3 i get these horizontal and verticle lines that flash on my screen and then my screen freezes.i downloaded the latest opengl for it but no difference.duz anyone know?

It can be the bios settings.

Originally posted by gl_man:
It can be the bios settings.

sorry dude i’m dum as dog s*!t when it comes to terminology i’m just a newbie.what’s bios settings?

When you start the computer do you probably get some text saying that hitting del or any key lets you change the bios settings. The bios settings is low level settings for a lot of things on the computer the one you should look at is the settings for memory transfer. It may be that they are to fast for the hardware.

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