Q: vertex arrays + multitexturing


i want to draw something using vertex arrays.
i have the texture coordinates, but they are not equal for each texture unit. (for each vertex i have 2 texture coordinates for texture unit 0. so far no problem. but when i want to feed glMultiTexCoord2fARB() for texture unit 1, i want another pair of texture coordinates which have to do with the first pair. in other words i have 4 texture coordinates (2 for each texture unit). i use glDrawArrays() for drawing the geometry).
my question is how glDrawArrays() will “understand” that i have 2 texture units with different texture coordinates?

any help would be appreciated.
thanx in advance for your time.

You set texture coordinate pointer and enable the texture coordinate array for each texture unit.



And so on, for each texture unit.

thanx bob. the code was very helpful. it was just what i was looking for…