Q:The most robust and inexpansive card.

Hello, I proud to inaugurate this messageboard with one little question.
What is the best professionnal OpenGL card with low prices on the market?

professionnal= robust drivers, and high reliabity.


Hi, in december i was looking for the same answer, and my finalists were, the Diamond Viper TNT2 Ultra and the 3dLabs Oxygen VX1 (both about $180 usd), so i came here and asked about wich one, and they said to me, The Viper is good for profesional things, and very good for games, and the Oxygen is very good for profesional things, and good for games, so i went for the Oxygen, and it works superb on my celeron 333MHz with 32 and 64MB RAM, i’ve been visiting the forum and the problems that anybody has with his graphic card, i dont have it(in games and real things).

In drivers its strong, it has several configurations for the many aplications and games.

I really recomend the Oxygen VX1

The Oxygen Vx1 is definatly the best buy for the end user market, who wish’s to develop 3D and use games. It works superbly with dual cpu’s also.

The GeForce 256 cards are more coplete in
terms of their OpenGL implimentation. They
are extremely fast, the drivers are pretty
good. We’ve had success using them in MAX.

At 200$ for a cheap one (SDR)
and 1000$ for an expensive one (64megDDR)

there’s a good range.


Yes the GeForce is good but still high price if you are looking for a 64MB Graphic card i recomed the Oxygen GVX1 an its under $900 USD, and both VX1 and GVX1 are optimized for dual and Intel PIII PowerTreads. Check the 3DLabs home page

Actually, there are at least two companies listing the price of the 64meg DDR GeForce at $650US on www.pricewatch.com .


Also, the card’s manufacturer (Elsa) is know for their proffesional driver quality.


yeah, Oxygen series of cards are the best, but Evans and Sutherland, and Diamond also manufactures powerful workstation graphics cards. They are really expensive. Unless you have money that’s just sitting idle or really are a serious artist, you shouldn’t need one of these cards. Voodoo3 or TNT cards works great for casual users.

I can really recommend the Creative Annihilator Pro with Nvidias GeForce256 DDR. Drivers are stable and it is very fast, especially at high resolutions. I think it is about 300$.

I use a 3DLabs Oxygen GVX1 at work and a GeForce DDR at home, and my experience is that the GVX1 has much more stable drivers.

I used to have a couple of ELSA Gloria Synergy boards at work, and they sucked big time. Their drivers were incredibly buggy and their support people weren’t at all interested in forwarding our bug reports to their developers. Keep away from Elsa!

hmmm… I have an Elsa Erazor III (TNT2 32 meg), and it seems fine… it’s a high quality peice of hardware. Then again, I’m using NVIDIA reference drivers for windows 2000… Which I’d recommend you do too if you get a geforce. All the geforce/quadro benchmarks I’ve seen show NVIDIA’s drivers as faster than Elsa’s.

There’s probably nothing wrong with their hardware, it’s their drivers (and the way their support team treats their customers) that really suck.

A couple of guys at work now have the ELSA Synergy II (TNT2 32MB) and they had a lot of problems with ELSA’s drivers. Once they switched to NVidias reference drivers, the boards worked much better.

Unfortunatley we couldn’t switch to 3DLabs reference drivers for our ELSA Gloria Synergy boards since we needed the multi-monitor capabilities ELSA had added to the drivers (although it seemed to be nothing but a quick hack).

Now we’re using 3DLabs Oxygen GVX1 boards in multi-monitor systems, and they are great!

Alias Wavefromt Studio 8.5 does not want to run using my new 256 GeForce card
It is running on a P600eb 256RDRam.
I have tried it with the Oxygen VX1 and it works at least as well as the Silicongraphics 320 Workstation we use with our students.
Is there any way I can find out if it is a driver problem
or perhaps the card is just not compatable
Studio 9.5 is out in March in Australia could this perhaph fix the problem