Python GLExt

I need to find GLExt bindings for Python.

You mean, GtkGLext ? or something like glext.h for OpenGL extensions ?
Do you use PyOpenGL already ?

Not sure…
I have a C++ program that needs glext.h.
I’m porting it to Python.
Yes, I already have PyOpenGL.

Ok. So apparently PyOpenGL supports some GL extensions, but is not always up-to-date etc.
I found this project, that wraps GLEW (to ease managing GL extensions) in Python, you should try with it :

OK, will try.

Ahhh… But Python is worth it…

My comment was not a criticism of Python in any way, but only that status of GL extensions was not clear with PyOpenGL.

I finally found a page talking about GL extensions, see “Extensions and Conditional Functionality” here :

So you may even forget about glewpy and glext.h altogether, if all your extensions are directly supported by PyOpenGL.

Cool! That is good news. How do I tell if it is supported? I’ve already tried:

‘from OpenGL.GLEXT import *’, ‘from OpenGL.GLext import *’, ‘from OpenGL.GLExt import *’…

…which doesn’t work…

Likewise, mine simply agreed with you, while saying that I think Python is worth the trouble.

from this:
I found that:
from OpenGL.GL.EXT import *

Does that include GLEXT stuff?

Most probably yes.