PVR textures in OpenGL

Hi all

I am developing my iphone application using opengl. Its working for me when i am using png images. But the speed get reduced when i am loading too many png images.

I found when we compress the image using PVRTCompression, ie from ‘png’ format to ‘pvr’ format, the application acquires good fps. And it wont crash.

But now i am not able to load my pvr textures to opengl code. There is no much tutorials found on the web.

  1. Someone please help me by giving some valuable links or the code to load pvr textures in opengl ES1.0.

  2. Does the quality of the image files get reduced when its compressed?

Kindly reply…

PVRTC textures are much faster, consume a lot less bandwidth than uncompressed texture.

There is a loss of quality but it’s quite good and actually much better that DXTC.

Have a look at the PowerVR SDK, you will find all you need:

See Apple’s sample code, and technote.