pv3d collada FileLoadEvent.LOAD_PROGRESS

i´m new here. I hope that there are some people in here using Papervision.
Well, i do…or i try.
I got this code from an example of loading a DAE file with the DAE parser in PV3D. Now i try the same with the Collada parser.
It doesn´t work.

collada.addEventListener(FileLoadEvent.LOAD_PROGRESS, handleProgress);

function handleProgress(e:Event):void
bl = e.target.bytesLoaded;
bt = e.target.bytesTotal;
per = Math.round(bl/bt*100);
messageText.text = "COLLADA "+per+"% LOADED, PLEASE WAIT";

Does anyone know how to trace a loading progress of a collada file in PV3D?
My Output Windows shows me errors like this:

at flash.events::EventDispatcher/flash.events:EventDispatcher::dispatchEventFunction()

Hi, please check the Papervision3D mailing list