Putting in the right place!

hey guys! its me again…
a lot of question huh ???

ok… i guess this is hard one…
i have my .obj model to load via glm…
by the way the is Millenium Falcon of Star Wars, a nice model!

and i have a lot of pictures to use as textures…
and what i have to do to put all pictures in right place ???

ill really appreciate some pseudo (or not) code!

ohh by the way, the model is here

very very thanks!!!

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this is called texture mapping it will need to be done in a 3d modelling program, thus no code is possible.

and where can i find reference about texture mapping ???

Gelero, could you avoid posting in both the Beginners and the Advanced forum ?

Most people here read both forums and we do not need to read yours twice !

By the way, this one should have been put in the Beginners one…