Putting gluQuadratic objects into VBOs...

I am not sure if this is an advanced question or not… But guess I have more chance of an answer here as I can’t find anything by googling…

Prior to OpenGL 3.0 I tended to stick gluQuadratic objects into display lists to reduce transfers.

WIth the advent of 3.0 I am removing deprecated things from my code base.
It would be nice to retain the convenience of using Spheres and such from glu.

Is there an easy way to extract the vertices, normals and texcoords generated by gluQuadratics into vertex arrays, or am I stuck now generating these myself with custom code?

Generate them yourself, it is easy. GLU source is available, so you can take a look how they do it.

Thanks. Colour me lazy! That was my second choice. :slight_smile: