pure openGL or 3d engine for my project?


for my project i need to design a 3D-room. Probably it will be a image of a really existing room (to a certain degree).

I started today and the first thing to consider is: do i wirk with pure-openGL or do i need / should i use a 3D-engine (ogre/…)?

requirement for my project are:

  • one player who can be moved
  • two (2!) viewpoints of the scene (the eyes of the the player, probably fixed distance but height/position can of course change)
  • the room should be a image of a really exisiting room
  • additional moving objects (optional)

especially the second point is important, i need two pictures

As i never worked before with openGL: is it better to work with pure openGL or better to use an engine? any other hints (expecially concerning the two pictures i need)?

any help is appreciated