PS2 as an OpenGL development Platform...


I was just thinking about the release of Linux for the PS2, does this mean they will develop Linux OpenGL drivers for the Graphics system of the PS2? - this would make a VERY attractive low price point development machine… has anyone heard anything about anything along these lines?



There is (or was) an implementation of OpenGL for the PS2. But I heard that the implementation was entirely in software and the company that was provided it was having problems due to lack of developer interest. (Seems like a pure software implementation on a PS2 would crawl, so I’m not surprised.)

But this is 2nd hand information, I have no direct experience with the product.

You should be able to track it down through Sony; the company was one of their official “middleware” developers.

Furthermore, I know several OpenGL developers that have written PS2 graphics interfaces that mimic OpenGL’s basic style of { glBegin(primType), submit triangle strip glEnd() }. It’s not OpenGL at all, but the API style seems to map quite well to their GPU.


I’ve heard a rumor about a Sony implementation of OpenGL1.2 shipping but without the multi-texturing purposes and so on…

Don’t know more about it.