Project in opengl

Hello all. I need a little bit of help/advise.
I’m a last year software engineering student and I need to do a final project for my degree. I am very much into graphics and I would like to do my project in opengl. The thing is, I don’t really have an idea. And since I don’t know opengl much I need to find a doable project for a beginner in this field. If any of you know where can I find ideas and guidance for this matter (or even have an idea) I would be more then grateful.

If your fairly familiar with OpenGL (know how to set up a running app and do basic graphics), real world physics is always a cool thing to do. It’s usually conceptually easy, and produces very convicing results. For instance, have a look at (e.g. check out Models -> Springs, Cloth and Gels).

You can for instance model something hanging from a string, which you can “tap” (using the mouse or keyboard) to make it swing around. Or you can make cloth which folds around some object, and/or moves in the wind. As I said, fairly simple to do, but very nice effects!

For a getting-started on OpenGL you can go to - it’s an easy to use & powerful OpenGL framework with a few example programs included.