programming environment

I am a beginner so I want to take get yoru advices about enviroments in which I can make opengl programming .I have 2003 but the modifications are hard to compile opengl codes. What are you using …???


They’re not really hard. If you want to use win32 code to create the window I don’t think you need to make any modifications.
If you want to use glut, then you can grap it from here then extract the header file to:
[VS 2003 install dir]\VC7\PlatformSDK\Include\GL,
extract the lib file to:
[VS 2003 install dir]\VC7\PlatformSDK\Lib
and finally drop the dll to C:\WINDOWS\System32 (depends on which win’s your using, above is for XP). Post again if you have further difficulties.

PS: I’m not sure about the directories, but if you get to ‘PlatformSDK’ withing VC’s directory you’re there.