prog doesn't work on other machine


i’ve written a OGL prog which loads textures and displays a 3d environment. This works well on my computer (Celeron 500, Elsa Erazor 3), but on other machines (P3 500, GLFire or P2 266, Matrox Millenium) the window is black - there is nothing displayed.
Any suggestions ?

Regards Patrick

Debugging the hard way.

I would do something like a small test program… Displaying a simple triangle with no textures etc… and then if that works on both cards/computers, add a feature from the faulty program to the test program. If that works, add another thing and so on… Until you find out what causing it. (Or it magically works anyway… )

If you never get the test program to work in the first place then you have to simplify it even more…

I assume that other OpenGL apps runs fine on the GLFire and millenium machines. (millenium supports OpenGL??)


The original millenium doesn’t support texturing