press support and ask a question, attach ur dxdiag.exe test.

save all

then press extra documents
ask ur questions in the box and they will get back 2 u. copied off page**

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can u see if my computer and video card can handle return to castle wolfenstein, enemy territory, quake (enter what ever game u entered where it asked u what game) (not shown in this exemple) attached is my dxiag.exe file

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1 attach dxiag.exe file here<<<<<

Yay! You found another company to annoy! Seriously, dude, what you really need to do is to upgrade your video card. If you had spent all this energy pestering your parents for money to buy a new video card, you would probably have a Raedon 9800 by now. Just tell 'em its for school.

i just about solved my probs but serously the makers of the game u send them ur dxiag test and they will tell u if your computer will run there game. instead of idiotrs just keep posting " i have a ______ with )_______ help me play this game. im not some pore loser here either i have tons of money but i like to spend on different things like (golf, paint ballin, bikes) plus im movin to the us so my great stokpile od cdn $ is about to take a nose dive.

…plus im movin to the us so my great stokpile od cdn $ is about to take a nose dive.
You don’t seem to understand the concept of currency exchange. If $2 Canadian = $1 US, then when you convert to US currency, you will have half as much but with the same buying power. Also, if you convert it back to Canadian dollars, you will be back where you started.

i just bought a radeon 7000 but my games still will not work???