procedural texture mapping?

Hi, folks,

I got a question about what exactly procedural texture mapping is?
how can a do a procedural texture mapping for a object?

thank you very much…


It’s basically a method for synthesizing textures at run-time, instead of using scanned/drawn/pregenerated textures. There are two principal types of procedural textures:

  1. Dynamic - updated each frame
  2. Static - generated only once

If you are interested in the second type, check out TXsynth , which can generate a few different kinds of procedural textures. TXsynth could, theoretically, be used for dynamic texures, but it is designed for static textures. For dynamic textures, you should look into using various kinds of hardware acceleration (e.g. I believe you could generate Perlin noise by using OpenGL to blend several scaled versions of a noisy texture).