Probs initilialising KyroII


I’ve got some probs whith my brand new KyroII board! I am using the opengl32.dll wrapping method using this kind of context:

	PixelDesc.iPixelType		= PFD_TYPE_RGBA;
	PixelDesc.cColorBits		= 32;
	PixelDesc.cRedBits			= 8;
	PixelDesc.cRedShift			= 16;
	PixelDesc.cGreenBits		= 8;
	PixelDesc.cGreenShift		= 8;
	PixelDesc.cBlueBits			= 8;
	PixelDesc.cBlueShift		= 0;
	PixelDesc.cAlphaBits		= 0;
	PixelDesc.cAlphaShift		= 0;
	PixelDesc.cAccumBits		= 64;	
	PixelDesc.cAccumRedBits		= 16;
	PixelDesc.cAccumGreenBits	= 16;
	PixelDesc.cAccumBlueBits	= 16;
	PixelDesc.cAccumAlphaBits	= 0;
	PixelDesc.cDepthBits		= 32;
	PixelDesc.cStencilBits		= 8;
	PixelDesc.cAuxBuffers		= 0;
	PixelDesc.iLayerType		= PFD_MAIN_PLANE;
	PixelDesc.bReserved			= 0;
	PixelDesc.dwLayerMask		= 0;
	PixelDesc.dwVisibleMask		= 0;
	PixelDesc.dwDamageMask		= 0;

but i can only get the Microsoft Generic OpenGL implemenatation!!
The problem occurs on both NT & 9x and the only != is that i cannot get 32bits video modes on NT (bcoz of the drivers)… Anyway,
it appears that the KyroII can manage rendering in 24Bits modes which sounds unusual to me!!

Any help? thx!

Kyro boards doesn’t have any depth buffers, maybe that’s causing your problem.

Also, I noticed that you are requesting a Accum buffer, I doubt that it accellerates that.
Don’t know about stencils and Kyros.

So try creating a window without stencil, accum and depth.

BTW, does specifying a 32-bit z-buffer and an 8-bit stencil buffer get you hardware accelerated on a GeForce? I wouldn’t think so, since it provides for only a 24-bit z-buffer maximum.

Try running the GLView (Richard S. Wright, OpenGL Superbible 2nd Edition) utility on your system. It will clear things out. If you can not find it, email me to send it to you (<300kb)

There’s no Accumulation buffer hardware support on PowerVRS3 (KYRO and KYRO II).

PowerVR supports 4bits stencil buffer in any mode (32, 16 bits colors, 32, 16 bits depth)
Also note that AFAIK the stencil bits aren’t taken from the depth buffer.
(unlike all? cards out there)

PowerVR as a onchip Zbuffer, so requesting it as to be done.
(I mean you must ask a ZBuffer)

It seems that your Stencil bit number should be changed and you shouldn’t ask for an accumulation buffer.

Ok guys!! thx for the help!!
well, i thought that all the context fields were only indications…
Anyway removing all the values for the accumaltion buffers was the key for initialising the KyroII implementation!!