Problems with Viper550 under Win2000

Hello my Name is Sándor, i’ve got a broblem with my Videocart.
It’s a Viper550 and it won’t work with Windows2000.
How can I ficks this Problem?

Please Help

Thank You


Here is a mail i got from Diamond it might help, if you e-mail me I will send off the cleanout.exe file to you. I have the same card as you and I run Win98 & Win2000 Dual boot no probs.

Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for contacting Diamond Legacy Product Support.
Unfortunately there will be no driver updates for your Diamond Product that
will address the issue of DirectX 8.0 compatibility. These are Legacy items,
therefore further driver development is not in place. In many situations
Diamond drivers will work with DirectX 8.0. They won’t, however, support
features new to this version of DirectX. If you encounter issues using
Diamond Drivers with DirectX 8.0 you may want to try reference drivers that
are based on the chipset of your Viper 550 (the Nvidia TNT). These can be
found at the URL below:
These drivers also support Open GL and D3D, along with DX 8. Please use the
attached cleanout file to remove all Diamond drivers and files before you
install the Nvidia drivers.