Problems with superbible sourcecode


after changing from superbible 4th edition to 5th I have huge problems with the sample programs in Visual Studio 2010.

I added all library and include files but when I want to debug the programm, I just get over 200 errors with glu.h (see picture).

The picture is not so helpful, because it does not show the first error - which in general is the only relevant one (the rest may be simply followups from the compiler trying to compile as much of the file despite the initial error).

Also, the general way to resolve this sort of problem is to start with another copy of the unmodified source (which presumably you can compile) and incrementally add in one change, build, and repeat until it breaks. The last addition then is the one causing (or exposing) the problem.

that is the first error. I still can not go on working with the book :frowning:

Try to include the glew.h as the first include, a quick google search revealed similar problems with this example from the superbible and the definition for GLAPI can get screwed up.

Also: the first problem occurred in the glu.h, we would need to see from where this got included… Plus, german error messages are only helpful for a minority here I guess :wink:


thanks for your answers. I installed the same version if Visual Studio that is used in the book and it works now. Actually this is not the best, but the easiest way to fix this for me and I can continue my work :slight_smile: