Problems with setting current color

Hello all,

I’m getting some strange color errors in my program.

The purpose of this program is to draw rectangles in different colors. Each rectangle is defined in a struct that contains the corner coordinates along with an int “key” (from 0 to about 7) that indicates which color the rectangle is to be drawn in. Each color is defined with a static const GLdouble[3] and is given an appropriate name such as “lavender”.

At draw time, the program loops through the list of structs, retrieves the key, sets the current drawing color (with a switch statement that calls glColor3dv with the appropriate color array for the key), and draws the rectangle.

The correct color is being passed to glColor3dv; I have confirmed this with the debugger. The problem is that what is actually DRAWN is incorrect. For example, if rectangles with key 0 (lavender) and 1 (yellow) are both in the array to be drawn, only lavender shows up on screen. If only rectangles with key 0 are drawn, they all show up in grey (which isn’t even defined as a color!) It’s as if the current color is somehow getting reset to something else.

The flow is as follows (this is part of a larger program):

//Enable GL_LINE_STIPPLE and set its value

//Loop through the array of structs
//Set color (as described above)
//Rectangle is drawn here
//Reenable everything necessary

GL_LIGHTING is on throughout this process, but turning it off didn’t make a difference.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

colour doesnt work when lighting is turned on unless u use colourmaterials.
do u have texturing turned off, other than that i cant see what could be wrong

draw something // this will be red
draw something // this should be green, if its staying red then???

Thanks, zed. I’ll double check, but I think GL_TEXTURE_2D is turned off.