Problems with OpenGL2.0 rendering in Nexus devices (Vuforia in Android)

I’m trying to replace the teapot with a png image when the program finds the target. I’m using vuforia 4.

It works with some devices like Galaxy S2 and generic tablets. The problem I have encountered raises with following devices:

Nexus 4: Android 5.1: Recognizes target (prints log) and some strange things appear on screen. It’s seems it manages to render the texture but it inmediately disappears.

Nexus 10: Android 5.1: Recognizes target (prints log) but does nothing, no rendering at all. No error messages.

One Plus One: Android 4.4: Same as Nexus 10.

Any ideas?

I’ve posted this problem also in the Vuforia development forums, yet it seems to be a problem of rendering and not a Vuforia problem.

Solved by adding: