Problems with OpenGL on dual-screen system

I currently got a multiscrreen system, using a GF3 AGP as my primary card on a LCD monitor, while a GF2 PCI is the secondary one running a CRT monitor.

The problem is, whenever I try to run OpenGL applications on the primary (GF3 LCD) it screws up all the colors. I get square chunks of colors instead of normal shades.

On the GF2 it works perfectly, except all games run like **** since it’s a PCI card.

I’ve downloaded the latest drivers from nVidia, and installed DiretX 9.0b, but it still wont work.

Anyone know how I can fix this?


OpenGl really doesn’t like two monitors. In fact, many games say to disable two monitors when playing them.

I do disable the secondary GF2 CRT when I play games, but I still get this error.

Plugout the GF2 (or disable it in material list not just in viewing) in order to see if there is a conflic or if it’s another problem.