Problems with OpenGL in Counterstrike and Unreal Tournament

I’m using a GeForce 2 MX 400 on my computer and when I play counterstrike and Unreal TOurnament in OpenGL mode, My computer will run fine for about 5-10 minutes, then the screen will change to stripes and i will hear this continuous beep over my speakers.
I am running the most current drivers for my video card with the Nview and everything. If anyone could help me. Am I missing sometihng? Is there some kind of setting that i need to enable/disable to help stop this? I’ve tryed reinstalling drivers, reinstalling video card, reformating, alot of the other basic tests that others have tried. Could it be a heating problem? I;m really stuck on this one…


Im also running windowsME with 196000 memory?(the number that is displayed when my computer starts and does a memory test. My cpu speed is really crappy, 366 or something? and i dont know about the rest. I have a SOundblaster live value sound card and a dlink ethernet card installed as well.

I really need all you smart computer guys help on this one…


Hi Ketchupman, 196000 is a rare number of Kbytes. Maybe you have a memory problem. You should have 196608 Kbytes or so on. 64Mb + 64Mb + 64Mb = 192Mb or any module memory configuration like this. You can probe to run your PC without some module memory per example and pray.

yeah 196608 is the number, i was too lazy to restart and look at the number. I tried putting a big box fan to cool it off more and that seemed to work. It hasn’t done it yet. I also went to windows update and there was a windows update for my drivers. So i’m hoping it’s gonna stop doing the thing. I think the heatings a factor becasue my computer is located in a cabinet that is about a perfect fit for my computer. So I might try moving it out. I might need a bigger power source too. I don’t even know how big a power source that I have.

oh well, if anyone has any more suggestions, i’d appreciate the help.