Problems with new NVidia drivers

I have a Riva TNT (Viper 550) and had the Detonator 3.68 drivers installed (Win98) and everything works fine. Yesterday I installed the new 5.22 and after that the 5.33 drivers and every OpenGL app works fine EXCEPT my demo (Opalis, you know: ) which uses software-rendering. Do you have any idea, what could be wrong? (all glHint(blabla, GL_NICEST) are changed to glHint(blabla, GL_DONT_CARE))

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All of our OpenGL applications work fine with new drivers.
I failed to download your zip.

Sorry, our server has some problems and I hope it will be repaired today. Please try it again later.

Do you use GLUT or do you initialize your windows (on Windows) with own code? Could you send me an example for initializing a window and a fullscreen for OGL which also draws something (a textured triangle or something like that). I would be really grateful. Thanx.

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Try and look at NeHe’s tutorial. There you will find some nice stuff, and I think he has what you are requesting, but then again my english aren’t any good