Problems with modulating of textures

Hi all.

Im having problems with modulating my texture. Im implementing a cloud system, where I use texture splats on several quads setup in a particle system. When I apply the texture splat, I eighter get an output where the texture is applied to each quad, and they are not blended together, or I get an output where the splats are blended just fine, but they are white all the time, no change in color, eventhough the color set changes. Im using GL_BLEND and the GL_MODULATE option in glTexEnvf. Please reply if you have any idea about what im doing wrong, or if you need more information to help me.

  • Peter

Sounds like either your glBlendFunc() is not correct, or your texture internal format does not contain alpha, or you kept lighting on, or your constant color does not contain alpha, or some other set-up problem like that.