Problems with Lines on GeForce 2 Ultra

I have a GeForce 2 Ultra, and when I draw a grid of lines, I see wierd black triangles flickering for a moment on the grid and then disappears. Then they back in an other place.

It’s worked just fine on my Voodoo 3.

Sorry I cant help but GEFORCE 2 ULTRA! Christ on a bike. Where are you from? In the UK they cost about £450!

I seriously hope the NV20 is going to be cheaper, the TNT2 Ultra I bought was only £175 and that was AGES ago.


I found something similar when I had the back clipping distance set too near.
I think nVidia have made a shortcut in their drivers that makes things go funny when a poly intersects the back clipping plane (this is just a theory though, I have no proper evidence to back it up).

Hate to rain on your parade Pete, but the Geforce 3 will be $600 (or more) for the top of the line card. And people will buy it. Not me, but I am sure some would. I am guessing that the Geforce 3 will be closer to $400 for a “standard” version with no tvout or anything like that. Then in another 3-4 months, We will see a $200 version, then a MX version for $150.

Sorry Quaternion, can’t help ya with your problem. Although I have run into something like that on a ATI Rage 128, I get artifacts with lines, it looks like a moire pattern.

Don’t Disturb: you can’t avoid a poly from intersects the back clipping plane. I don’t think that the reason.

BTW, Yes, GeForce 2 Ultra, and yes it’s cost me 540 $.


>64MB DDR geforce 2 ultra - NVIDIA Gigapixel
>GPU - TV Out - Three year Warranty - $ 335

I have no idea if this dealer is reputable
or not, but there are plenty others (seach
for “geforce2 ultra”)

I don’t know and don’t care what is the lowest price for GeForce 2 Ultra (I bought Creatives’ in 540 $ and I am quite happy with that).

Too thin lines?
Z buffer, or polygon interference?
Z aliasing?

he said that he see flickering triangles on the grid, he has a grid of lines, drawn with
and he see a lot of flickering triangles on this grid. they come and go very fast.

thanks for helping me, ofer.

you’r welcome.
but it doesnt seem like anyone knows what to do.

Are you using back-face culling? I’ve seen shimmering faces at times when you’ve got two faces defined with the same vertices but a different winding order. In cases like that if you don’t use backface culling, the back face of one face shimmers through the front of the other.