Problems with glut32.dll

After installing glut for the first time my compiled programs will not execute. I receive an error upon starting the application. The error I am receiving is as follows:

1 ) A warning window stating
The file is linked to missing export GLUT32.DLL:__glutCreateMenuWithExit.
2) Another separate window stating
a device attached to the system is not functioning.

I have put GLUT32.DLL in the /windows , /windows/system and /windows/system32 directories.

Has anyone encounter such a problem and if so how did you rectify it.


What did you link it with? glut32.lib or did you use glut.lib ?

Thanks for repling so quickly, I didn’t expect such a quick reply and is much appreciated.

I am using VC++ 6. I have never paid any attention to what libraries were being linked into my app (have never the reason for it). So I do not know of an accurate way of determining what is being linked in to my apps? As best that I can tell neither is being linked into the app.

I looked at the configuration file (looking at the .plg ext file) and it did not list either the glut.lib or the glut32.lib. There is only the glut32.lib in my …/lib folder, so glut.lib would not be linked if that was a problem.


In settings in VC++ type glut32.lib in link options.

I don’t see how you compiled without it.

Anyway, you might also have a old version of the .dll/lib combo. Make sure you have them both current.

Re-reading your message, it seems you have a old version .dll file.

Yes you are absolutely correct.

I had downloaded a different version from two different web sites. The one a received from SGI FTP was more current and is now working. My first attempt at acquiring the glut32.dll obviously did not work, so I attained another version from SGI.

The documentation for SGI’s version of glut had me compile the new dll creating a new header, dll and library file. After compilation, my IDE copied the files for me. Because there was an another version of the same file, the copy failed to replace the old dll. I had mistakenly thought the dll was there because my glut apps did not complain about them being missing. Your suggestion on examining the lib files led me to look harder at the dll. I removed all occurrence and started over which solved my problem.

This is the first time I have used this forum and have found it very helpful. Thank you for your help. I hope someday when my skills are improved, I can return the favor.