Problems with GLUT Stereo.


When I try to enable Stereo capabilities in GLUT, why does it say “GLUT Stereo not supported”. Do I need a better graphics card or is it just GLUT with a problem? It also says, “You should check the OpenGL or compatible 3D driver configuration for availabilty of stereo support”. I have a Geforce 3 Ti200 with the new NVidia Updates that also contains OpenGL 1.4. What is wrong with the program?

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I found this article which may help.

Hope it does.


Okay it probably didn’t help.

I had the same problem when I ran the code from the article. Sorry about that. Good article nonetheless, but it probably is your graphics card, but I am only using GF2 MX400.

It appears from what I saw that Quadros have quad stereo capabilities, but not the GeForce. Look at page 27 of this nVidia article.

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I have seen this article before, but when I execute the program, it displays this error before the window is opened: “pixel format with necessary capabilities not found.” Why does it say that when I enable GLUT_STEREO in my glutInitDisplayMode?

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Sorry, I was editing the last message when you replied, so please find a link to another article that explains the difference between Quadro and GeForce GPUs, specifically page 27 of 46.

But, if you want to take my word, it states that Quadros support quad buffered stereo, geforce does not.

You may be able to do stereo if you do not use double buffering.