Problems with GeForce 2

I have a problem with my geforce 2 on my linux mandrake 7.1 I can’t make it work, I always recieve a message telling me:
no tnt, tnt2, geforce, quadro detecte, when I start mi X, I’d download the nvidia drivers ,I compile them, but the same problem, any clue??

p.d. sorry about my english.

I had the same problem until I upgraded to XFree86 4.01 and the nVidia 0.94 driver, which does support GeForce 2. Now everything works just fine. For OpenGL to work probably, rememeber to get rid of (or rename) all the MESA libs, as mentioned in the readme file for the driver.

My $0.02,

I suggest you link the Mesa libraries to their libGL equivlents. Some people link their programs with the Mesa libraries.


The big problem is with the XFree86 nv driver, if this get loaded, you are shafted, as this does not support GeForce2. I moved nv_drv.o out of my modules directory, and specified the nvidia driver in the XF86Config file, this seemed to work.

I never got XFree86 -configure to work though, I had to use XF86config

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