Problems with executing

I have a problem with executing my OpenGL progs. When I want to start it, I get the following message:

error in loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ undifined symbol: __glTLSCXIndex

I currently use IceWM and I only have the problem there…

Thanks in advance,

can you tell me which graphics card you use and what opengl drivers do you have?

If you have a GeForce card with mesa drivers it is quite possible that you did not correctly installed nvidia drivers and there is a mixture of conficting files between mesa and nvidia opengl libraries.

Hello nbasili!

I use a Nvidia TNT 2 card and I installed the nvidia drivers for hardware acceleration.
Also I use mesa drivers…
Maybe I did not installed the nvidia drivers correctly?
I can only execute my progs under KDE (and I have hardware acceleration there), not with any other window manager…

Thanks in advance,

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