Problems with corrupted whites

This isn’t necessarily an OpenGL-related problem, but it concerns my video graphics in both 3d rendered and non 3d rendered applications. I have a Geforce4 TI4400 from PNY, 512kb ram, PIII 766. I had this configuration for a year with no video problems; then about a month or so ago for some reason my graphics began to become corrupted.

Here’s the deal: whenever there is a very bright, vibrant color (such as when a light source is shining off the side of someone’s face, etc) my graphics become corrupted…almost a solarized look to it. There is absolutely NO problem with 3d lighting sources, but the places where the light shines…i.e. a 2d plane…ends up looking corrupted. My friend described this effect as “looking like acid has been thrown onto the area.” I have attempted to install all codecs, updated my drivers, etc., but nothing works. This is not a media-player specific problem because as I have said, in ALL aspects of things I do including net browsing, watching videos, playing 3d games etc. this happens. Anyone have any ideas what is up? Someone has suggested my video card is fried but I hope that’s not true.

Originally posted by DSP:
Someone has suggested my video card is fried but I hope that’s not true.

I am afraid that person is right. At least some of the GPU sillicon got overheated and is toast now.

I found that alot of the fans they put onto the GF4’s where starting to fail after 6-9 months.


oh really? well it says on the box there’s a lifetime warranty, and since this happened under normal usage, I think its time PNY heard from me…