Problems with compiling: missing dylibs and others

Im habitually compiling mesa for the SYS distro

mesa is one of the progs of lowest programming quality, normally one have to patch 20-50 subroutines

mesa 7.4.1 dont compile at all. Or better, dont produce .so 's by missing dylib 's

The most easy case, libGLw, compiles without errors but the .so isnt produced.

make -> /bin/sh … -id /usr /lib/libGLw.1.dylib …
mklib: Making Linux shared Library:
gcc /lib/libGLw.1.dylib: do such file or directory

The same happens with all other relevant mesa libs. Only is produced, after plenty patching.

One problem of glcontextmodus.c , clientattrib.c , /common/utils.c is that in GLcontextModes are no members bindToTexturl.Rgb , Rgba , Texture, Targets and a next one, one have to delete these lines. In some makefiles one have to write expressively the lib install dir because automatically is produced something like " what gives error messages from the compiler.

Next problem are thousands of uninitialized variables. The make files should have as default that they are initialized with 0.

You would better ask the mesa team.
Do you compile using autoconf or classic Makefiles ?

I used the classic makefiles.

If I correct understand what I google in internet, then this dylib 's are something of macintosh, what should not appear when compiling mesa for linux-dri-x86 (?)

To compile mesa always was a problem, for part because one have to do many by hand and compile it iteratively that it becomes good, for another part because of always were meny programming errors in the files. But this with the dylib 's now prevent effectively any success. For my opinion; mesa is one of the projects in what nobody should longer invest, in favour of any substitution project.

Also, there seems not to exist any mesa forum, only a mailing list where nothing is classified as ‘resolved’

“only a mailing list where nothing is classified as ‘resolved’”
You mean a bug tracking ?
Try mailing to for help on compiling.
Every linux distribution I knew of had binary mesa3d package, so it should not be so hard.

Yes, until now the SYS distro had also previous mesa packages. But everybody reclaim that to compile mesa is a problem – and from version to version its becoming worse.

Meanwhile simply I deleted the corresponding lines with dylib 's in the makefile 's , and then it finished compilation and to produce the libraries, and the package is meanwhile in the repository; post #1. However, in this version, I had to patch plenty files so that mesa compiled – this is not longer a reliable project.