Problems with C++ and OpenGL

I was starting with openGL in mac a month ago following some tutorials written in Standard C using GLUT and OpenGL (libs and frameworks) and cocoa Framework to generate a cocoa application.

I was working also in a small C++ buffer parser class i was developing using “C++ Tool” in Project Builder.

Now I need to build all together, and 'm experiencing problems on generating a C++ and OpenGL application.

I tried to generate a “C++ Tool” and then add GLUT, OPenGL and Cocoa frameworks, and i got a lot of errors (i think from cocoa) when compiling…

I tried also to start as “cocoa application” but when i compile i got errors on class c++ files… and i can’t find the standlib c++ framework to add…

Can anybody help me please?


Originally posted by jocabola:
Can anybody help me please?

Only if you tell us what errors you’re getting, what your file names are, what languages the code in those files is written in, and what version of the developer tools you’re using.

thanks… i could solve finally the problem (compiler problem)… I had to modify targets adding some links such as -GLI at gcc… Default project templates in project builder were not contempling a C++ application (just cocoa objective C app or C++ tool), so i had to modify some things in order to get it work…

the language i was using was simply C++ standard code which was dependant on the standard lib c++ framework… What I’m making finally is to use only GLUT and standard c++ frameworks without any cocoa stuff… just standard…

anyways… thanks.

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