Problems with acceleration at all ! ! !

I have card called CR216M. It is manufactured by Power Color. It has the Rage Mobility Chip manufactured by ATI, 8 MBs of memory and it is on AGP 2x slot.

Mobility is a big problem when it comes to drivers. The best OpenGL preformence it gets on X-PERT 98 drivers, but in thise drivers most of the Direct3D accerated games are getting stuck. On some other drivers they are working all right but slow. Now, on the regular drivers for this card there is no acceleration at all!!! I can set all settings fot D3D and OpenGL from windows display settings menu but none game/program detects acceleration: Unreal Turnament , Quake , Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Star Wars Rouge Squadron 3D, etc.

If anyone can help me with this un-usual issue plz do it!!! And plz dont tell me to ask PowerColor for help because I already did…

Lukasz Piwowarek