Problems With A Computer System

Hi, nowadays, we often encountered errors and problems with our PC and one the most common is the usual restarting . I guess, this is isn’t normal. I had the same problem before so I finally ask a computer technician to help me with it. I found out that the random restarting of a system , might be due to one of these possible reasons : OS corruption , Drivers compatibility or corruption , RAM Chips , Hard Disk , Mother Board , Power Supply , and I think , the most common are Viruses. However, In some cases , we should check on our power switch and wire connection because if might be one of the reasons too. How about you guys? Do you encounter same thing on your PC?

I once had a PC that randomly froze/restarted. It turned that the PSU was underpowered, as the then new GTX285 required way more power then the GFX card I had before.

Is your problem by any means related to graphics cards or OpenGL®? If not, what got you the idea of posting this here?

I have so far been lucky enough not to get random restarts under normal conditions, but over-clocking my CPU and/or GPU too much can strain the power supply too much to keep the system running. If you are over-clocking, check the settings and turn them down. If not, then maybe considering under-clocking your system just to see if power drain is in fact the issue.

Another possibility is an insufficient thermal system. Inadequate cooling allows heat to build up in components, and temperature sensors can go off. When triggered they may power down your system or throttle the speed of whatever component is overheated. Try running your PC with the case open, or if you have a fan controller, force it to the maximum setting, and see if the problem persists. Also check for buildup of dust that may be blocking airflow to vital cooling structures like heat sinks, fans, or radiators.

Both of these problems would most likely be more apparent when the PC is faced with a higher workload, power because components typically draw more energy when they have a greater load (for example, Nvidia’s newer GPUs that have a Boost clock will draw more power when you demand more from them), and heat because components also tend to put out more heat when they are busier (especially true of the ATI video cards).

I had this once, too, turned out that all the fans were full of dust and no longer able of doing their work. Cleaning everything fixed the problem.